C# Sample Programs

1.Accept Simple Point from the keyboard and check whether it is a origin on x axis , on y axis or in 1st quadrant or in 2nd or in 3rd or in 4th quadrant where exactly the point can be?

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2.Write a Simple Program to check whether the given point is on the surface of the circle or inside the circle or outside the circle?

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3.Write a simple program to accept student number,name,marks of 3 subjects. Find the average,total and grade in each subject. And Print the total marks,avg, grade of the student , if he/she got less than 40marks in any subject he/she is failure. 

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4.Write a c# program to find sum of digits in a given number.

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5.Define a Method to reverse the given number

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6.Define a method to generate fibanacii series

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7.Define a method to find sum of even numbers up to given limit

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8.Define a method to find factorial of a Given Number

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